Electronics Design

Expertise for a connected world

Designing for a connected world has become expected, but how to connect reliably and remain secure is the challenge. Sigma continues to think of the big picture, the system level, and continue to develop with state-of-art-technologies.

Converting to a Digital World

Sigma has the skills and experience to design circuits that connect the real world to the digital world and more. Engineers at Sigma have developed countless embedded systems that sense and control larger more complex systems.

Using state-of-the-art CAD software such as Altium, our PCB layout experts have the tools necessary to design and analyze complex printed circuit boards.

  • Specializing in value engineering for electronic product development, optimizing performance and cost.
  • Collaborative approach: Analyzing design, production, and materials with clients.
  • Experienced team: Employing innovative strategies for technologically advanced and economically viable products.
  • Industry alignment: Prioritizing efficiency and sustainability trends for competitive advantage.
  • Commitment: Delivering high-quality electronic solutions at competitive prices.
  • ¬†Sigma Electronics offers DFM services, ensuring smooth and efficient electronic device production.
  • Collaborative Approach: Skilled engineers work closely with clients to create designs meeting technical specifications and enhancing manufacturability.
  • Cost Reduction and Efficiency: Applying DFM principles reduces costs, minimizes defects, and speeds up time-to-market for electronic products.
  • User-Friendly Designs: Prioritizing designs that streamline manufacturing, delivering high-quality products at competitive prices.
  • Competitive Advantage: Choose Sigma Electronics for DFM services that exceed expectations, providing a competitive edge in electronics manufacturing.


Rapid Prototyping at the System Level

Sigma has created a hardware development platform with over 50 sensor and control hardware modules that allow them to rapidly assemble an interconnected system for proof-of-concept design testing.

Coupled with the extensive library of firmware and software modules puts Sigma in a class of its own when considering the speed at which a full system can be delivered.


Prototypes are a fundamental part of the product design cycle that provide engineers with insight how their design will perform.

Sigma's PCB team understands how imperative this step is in the design process and quick turn around time is critical to project success.


Automated End-of-Line Functional Testing

Sigma's engineering team understands designing for manufacturability and how important final testing is to the assembly process.

At the very beginning of the design process the engineering team is thinking about how to optimize testing and programming to minimize the production time and maintain high quality.

Developing Test Specifications

Validation testing that the circuit design meets all of the system requirements is critical in the product development lifecycle.

Sigma's engineering team can create and execute the test specification that is necessary to ensure the design meets all requirements.

Firmware / Software

Programming at the hardware level

Embedded software (aka. firmware) requires a deep understanding of the hardware as well as the functionality it is required to provide. Sigma has decades of experience working with embedded microcontrollers (MIPS, ARM, RISC V), flash memories, sensors, wireless and network communications protocols. In addition to the myriad of hardware peripherals Sigma has developed for its system prototyping platform.

Sigma's engineers also program within an RTOS environment (Linux, FreeRTOS, OpenEmbedded, VxWorks, etc.)

Programming at the system level

System level software design and programming may require several skillsets depending upon the complexity of the system. Sigma has the expertise to design and develop more complex systems including; backend server and database, UI (HMI) design with programming across a breadth of devices such as, desktop, tablet and smartphone.